3-Way / Single Pole Dimmer Light Switch 600 Watt Max, LED Compatible, Wall Plate Included

MEW-DM600 | Outlets & Switches | Maxxima


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Features & Specifications

  • 120VAC, 60Hz
  • 600W max Incandescent; 150W max Dimmable LED/CFL
  • Vertical Slide Control Dimming
  • Independent On/Off Button
  • 3-Way Circuit Compatible (only 1 Dimmer may be used, 2nd switch is ON/OFF only)
  • Trim Dial below Cover Plate allows Sensitivity Adjustment upon installation to achieve compatibility with LED Lamps
  • White Cover Plate, Screws, Wire Nuts Provided
  • UL Listed
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Where to Install an LED Dimmer Switch

LED Dimmer switches are an easy and affordable way to enhance your home lighting and save money on your energy bills. This simple upgrade is great for improving the look and feel of your home, while giving you more control over your environment.

An LED dimmer is a great feature in any room, allowing you to change the mood depending on how and when you are using it.

The Kitchen

For cooking, cleaning and eating meals in the kitchen, youíll probably want to keep the lights at full brightness but itís great to have the flexibility to lower the lights too. An LED-compatible dimmer switch in the kitchen allows you to keep the lights lower in the mornings when youíre just waking up and in the evenings when you may be spending time in the den or living room nearby.

The Dining Room

Keep the lights at full brightness during dinner and then dim them for more ambiance when itís time for dessert and coffee. A dimmer switch in the dining room really lets you choose how you want to set the tone of the room.

The Bedroom

You may want different lighting while youíre getting ready in the morning than when youíre winding down to go to sleep. You may even want to vary the brightness at different times of the year. An LED dimmer will give you the luxury of having this control.

The Living Room / Den

A bright room may be best when you are spending time with family and friends or having family game night, but you may want to dim it down for a movie or a low-key evening. With an LED dimmer switch, you can get just the right lighting for any activity.

The Bathroom

While you may want full light in the bathroom while youíre getting ready, itís nice to have lower light as an option first thing in the morning or late at night. Your LED dimmer will give you this flexibility.


LED Dimmers can be especially useful for hallway lights that are near bedrooms, making it easy to walk around without waking children or other family members. Of course, night lights can also serve this purpose if you choose not to go for dimmers here.

Outdoor lights

A dimmer switch lets you conserve energy if you like to leave your porch lights on overnight for security. You may also have lights over your deck or patio that you can keep at full brightness when you are outside barbequing and dim them if you just want to shed some light on the backyard.

When you think about all the different scenarios throughout your home where you may enjoy varying degrees of brightness, it highlights just how often youíll use your LED dimmers if you have them. The installation of LED dimmers is a fairly simple, one-time job that will pay off for many years. Itís a small project with a great, long-term impact on your home that you will start enjoying right away.

Be sure to check the compatibility of your light bulbs with any dimmer switch you are considering. If you have LED lights in your home, you will need to make sure youíre installing an LED-compatible dimmer switch. All Maxxima LED light bulbs are compatible with Maxxima LED dimmer switches; you can also view the product details for any particular bulb to find a complete list of compatible dimmers.

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