MaxximaStyle is a Green Company.  Aside from specializing in LED Lighting which helps reduce energy consumption, we as a company take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Maxximas Products:

Our products are all made to help reduce energy use.  Our light bulbs, Night Lights, Flashlights, and Motion Sensor Lights all use LEDs which consume 10 times less energy than traditional products.  None of our products contain Mercury which is harmful to the environment, and all of our products are tested to meet the standards that our customers expect from us.

Our electrical products such as our timers, vacancy sensor, and occupancy sensors are made to help you reduce the amount of time your lights are on, and save you energy, money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Maxximas Facility:

Our corporate headquarters is primarily lit with LED and other forms of low energy lighting.  Most areas of our building have occupancy and vacancy sensors so lights are not left on in areas where they are not needed.  Maxxima beleives that the less energy we consume, the better it is not only in terms of energy cost, but in our effects on the environment.

Maxximas Packaging:

When you receive a shipment from us, you will notice that your product is packed in a recycled box, with bio-degradable packing peanuts, and minimal packing tape.  Your packing list is printed on partially recycled paper, and internal records of your order are kept in digital, rather than paper format, to prevent unneeded additional paper waste.

Our commitment to our customers is to operate in a manner which is responsible, by only offering products which are better for the environment and for your life.  You will see Maxxima means what we say.  You will never find incandescent lighting, or mercury filled flourescent lighting for sale by our company.



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