About Us

MaxximaStyle is a division of Panor Corporation, and has been providing customers the highest quality products for over 30 years. Maxxima LED Lighting products cover the transportation, interior, industrial, emergency and personal lighting markets. At Maxxima our obsession is product quality and customer satisfaction. You will see that our products are manufactured to the highest industry standards, and that the service we offer our customers is unmatched.

LED lamps are revolutionizing the lighting market since they emit a very intense glow which is brighter than incandescent lighting. They consume one-tenth the power of conventional bulbs and due to their long lifetime, rated at 100,000 hours, LED lamps severely cut down on bulb replacement activity resulting in huge power and labor savings. LEDs also provide an added benefit of emitting negligible amounts of heat cutting down on expensive heat shield installations and in the case of interior lighting air conditioning requirements. The ubiquitous incandescent light bulb is on its way to becoming a relic as the gas lanterns it replaced more than a century ago. By owning a Maxxima product, you will become the owner of one of the most exceptional lighting products available in the world today.

Come and enjoy your visit to our site and be a part of history to replace Edison's century old incandescent bulb with exciting, affordable, energy saving and durable LED Lamps

Maxxima Mission and Values

Our Mission:

To conquer darkness, provide illumination and safety at all times with technologically advanced lighting devices.

Our Values:

As a company we value:
  • Our employees and partners
  • A good reputation because if ever destroyed can never be restored, even with substantial financial resources
  • Honesty, candor, respect and integrity as a guide
  • Enthusiasm to deliver outstanding customer service
  • Finding and developing talented individuals
  • Innovation, Creativity and product quality
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