2000 Lumen LED Recessed Troffer Fixture (2'x2')2000 Lumen LED Recessed Troffer Fixture (2'x2')
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2000 Lumen LED Recessed Troffer Fixture (2'x2')

MLP-2X23000 | Recessed LED Fixtures | Maxxima

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By switching to this Maxxima LED light fixture you will save more than $342 in energy use over the fixture's lifetime. Once you install this LED light fixture from Maxxima you shouldn't have to change it for more than 10 years*.

Replace Your Standard 2'x2' Recessed Lights With An Energy Saving 30 Watt LED Fixture

Replace your fluorescent office fixture with the brand new Maxxima MLP-2X23000, 30 Watt 2'x2' recessed light fixture. With Maxxima's LED technology you will never have to worry about ballast replacement, mercury content, or constant bulb replacement. Our LEDs are rated to last more than 30,000 hours. This fixture is UL approved and is made to replace your current recessed office fixture. This fixture mounts by simply resting on your current drop ceiling in place of your current fixture.

Product Specifications

Model Number:
Bulb Type:

Recessed LED Fixture

30 Watts
Watt Equivalent:
125 Watt Equivalent
2000 Lumens
Light Color:
Cool White
Color Temp:
Bulb Brightness:
 of 5
Lasts Up To:
30,000 Hours
Energy Savings:
Saves Over $342 Over Bulb's Lifetime*
3 Years

Additional Information

  • Replaces a standard 2'x2' (24"x24") Recessed Light Fixture
  • 4 Slots of LED Light Output
  • No Maintenance required - never replace another ballast
  • UL Approved - 100-295 VAC
  • 66 Lumens per Watt
  • Flicker Free, UV Free
  • No Mercury Content
  • Rests easily on your drop ceiling outline
*Based on operating MLP-2X23000 LED light fixture 8 hours a day at $0.12/kwh.

Replacing Your Light Fixtures Has Never Been Easier

Replacing your old light fixtures with recessed LED light fixtures is a great way to provide maximum lighting to any area while reducing your energy costs. Recessed LED light fixtures provide uniform illumination without glare and with reduced shadows.

LED Light Bulbs Are Energy Efficient and Save Money

Our LED light bulbs replace standard incandescent or CFL bulbs and last up to 20 times longer. LED lighting consumes a fraction of the energy of your incandescent or CFL bulbs, and unlike CFL bulbs they are not harmful to the environment.

LED Light Fixture Savings By The Numbers

When considering replacing your incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs there are several factors other than the upfront price of a bulb. Not only will this LED light fixture save you over $342 on energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb but it will also save you from the hassle and inconvenience of buying and installing 12 replacement incandescent bulbs. By purchasing this LED light fixture you won't have to change a light bulb for at least 10 years.

Light Bulb
LED Light Fixture
Lifetime Hours:
Cost Per Day:
Cost Per Year:
Days Will Last:
Years Will Last:
Total Savings Over The Lifetime Of 1
MLP-2X23000 LED Light Fixture
Total Incandescent Bulbs Equal To 1
MLP-2X23000 LED Light Fixture

You Would Need This Many Incandescent Bulbs To Equal 1 MLP-2X23000 LED Light Fixture

*Based on operating MLP-2X23000 LED light fixture 8 hours a day at $0.12/kwh.

Why Switch To LED Light Bulbs

  • LEDs Consume 10x Less Energy Than Incandescent Bulbs
  • LEDs Will Save You Money Over The Course Of the Bulbs Life
  • You Will Save On Air Conditioning Costs Because LEDs Emit Very Little Heat
  • Since LEDs last longer, you will throw away less bulbs, reducing overall global waste.
  • LEDs contain no mercury
  • LED Bulbs will always pay for themselves over time in energy and bulb cost savings

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The Adam Carolla Studio / Scientific & Brake Equipment use Maxxima MLP-2x2300 2000 Lumen LED Recessed Troffer Fixture (2'x2')
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