LED AC/DC Occupancy Motion Sensor Light with 2 LEDsLED AC/DC Occupancy Motion Sensor Light with 2 LEDs
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LED AC/DC Occupancy Motion Sensor Light with 2 LEDs

MLS-10 | LED Motion Sensor Lighting | Maxxima


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Features & Specifications

  • Light Output - 4 Lumens
  • Auto On Motion Sensor
  • 120V AC Operation
  • Battery Operated 3AA (not included)
  • Saves Energy
  • Built-In Dusk To Dawn Sensor
  • 110 Degree Sensor Coverage
  • 20 Ft. Motion Range
  • 2 Super Flux White LEDS
  • Up to 1 Year Battery Life In OS Mode, 100 Hours in Continuous Use Mode
  • 4 Position Switch: ON/OFF/OS Sensor/Nightlight (dusk to dawn sensor prevents activation during daylight hours)
  • On: Works with 3AA Batteries and or 120V AC
  • OS Sensor: Turns on when motion is detected in OS Mode at Night
  • Night Light Mode: On at Dusk & Off at Dawn
  • Automatically switches to battery operation in case of power failure
  • Requires 3AA Batteries - Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Operating Distance: up to 20 Ft.
  • Batteries last 10x longer with LED vs. Incandescent Lighting Source
  • Dimensions: 3.6"W X 5.8"H X 1.8" Depth
  • 1 Year Warranty

4 Convenient Modes Offer Motion Sensor Flexibility

Maxxima introduces the MLS-10 2 LED AC/DC occupancy sensor light which works on 3AA batteries or can be plugged into any standard outlet with its AC/DC option. The MLS-10 has 4 convenient modes which allow you to select if you want it to act as a light that automatically turns itself on when motion is detected by the built in sensor and turns itself off 30 seconds after you leave the area, or it can be set to turn on at night only, be left on at all times, or be shut off completely. When left in the occupancy sensor mode this light will only go on at night when motion is detected, and will only go off once there is no motion left in the area. When left in the night light mode this light will go on whenever there is darkness in its area.

This is a perfect item to be kept in a closet, bathroom, stairwell or any space which requires lighting; as well it comes in handy during a power failure. With its built in AC/DC option Maxxima now offers even more convenience with their line of Occupancy Sensor Lights.

Please Note:
The AC mode does not recharge batteries; it is strictly as an alternative to batteries. Light is indoor use only

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